The Connected Smartplug

Nearly every devices that we own will soon be connected to the Internet. This is what the industry usually refers to as the IoT (Internet of things). This is creating a big transformation on how we interact with the objects around us and is forcing hardware manufacturers to rethink some of the functionalities and design of the products they offer.

We have already seen several industries which have been transformed by the capacity of objects to become connected and therefore more intelligent. One the first and most public success has been the Nest thermostat which allows you to more effectively manage your energy consumptions at home (Nest was acquired by Google). The major players in technology are all recognizing that trend and are heavily investing behind companies and ideas behind the connected home. Apple recently launched it home kit to allow developers to easily add intelligent functionalities to their products while enjoying an ecosystem that would allow consumers to manage all their IoT devices through a single platform. The control of the home is a very important strategic play as many other products and services can be expended once a provider has managed to put a foot through the door.

This new home automation (or domotics) rush is not accessible to large companies only. We have seen in the last couple of years, many new and small companies trying to get a foothold in this industry. One example is Zuli which first product is a new kind of connected smartplug that lets you intelligently control all the different plugs you use at home or in the office with your mobile phone.

This is just the beginning of the IoT industry. We can expect a lot of innovation, new products, applications and the creation of very successful businesses in the near future. It’s a market worth exploring and participating in as entrepreneur or investor.