On-Demand Physicians

With the rapid changes technology is bringing to the healthcare industry, a number of companies are trying to offer on-demand services for in-house doctors and at-home procedures.

A similar model exists for a number of years in Europe where people are used to call for doctors to come visit them at home. In the U.S. the adoption of such services has been relatively small in the last couple of years because of a number of regulations and the prohibitive costs of having a system which would allow at-home (or in the office) visits.

This is rapidly evolving now and new companies such as FirstLine are not only offering physicians on-demand but also create new ways to be treated and diagnosticated at home.

With the costs of healthcare rising rapidly due in part to the aging of the population, new models need to be found to reduce the time and length people spend in the hospitals, how people are treated and how you create better and more efficient interactions between doctors and patients.

The coming years will bring a lot of innovations in this market and we can foresee to see medical care being vastly different in the future. This is a must as the social cost for society of current systems is too high to be absorbed by the new generation of workers. FirstLine brings a needed and yet practical solution to the market with strong future potential.