Will Messaging Kill The Phone Number?

Reports on the exponential increase of the usage of messaging platforms are abundant. Experts believe that 2016 is the year in which more and more people will use messaging platforms instead of traditional social media to communicate. Facebook recently purchased WhatsApp for a staggering amount and Facebook Messenger has reportedly reached 800 million users on its platform. WeChat growth continues to be staggering in Asia.

Today, some people believe that because messaging platforms are becoming more and more intelligent and useful, there will be less incentive over time to use regular phone numbers to communicate. You can today communicate to many businesses through Facebook Messenger. In another example of new functionalities these platforms offer, Messenger recently launched a way to order a Uber directly from its apps and rumors are pointing out to developers developing automated bots for a number of additional functions. The idea is that using a messaging platform will be so much more compelling than old interactions. If everyone is connected, the traditional phone number could be dead.

This is an interesting vision and we can expect that a real shift for consumers is going to happen in the coming years. Will phone numbers disappear or be used for different functions? no one knows yet. What is clear is that by being able to communicate to any business through messaging, the interest of the old phone number is going to become significantly lower over time.