Time To Invest Massively In Virtual Reality

Like many people around us, we do believe the virtual reality is going to experience a very important push in 2016 and beyond. Many companies have already received significant investments and this trend is about to continue this year. As the technology of the products underlying the virtual reality revolution is getting more stable and consumer-grade ready, a number of additional opportunities are going to appear in the field.

The market is still very young and small with gamers being one of the most advanced group in terms of adoption but we can expect growth to follow in other verticals as more applications are built around VR capabilities. The business world for example is already integrating VR and AR (augmented reality) in order to make workflows more efficient and to reduce costs. Real ROI are appearing in the professional segment and more and more business cases are being drawn.

Obviously, VR 2.0 (VR is a concept that exist for years already) will need to continue to evolve significantly in terms of technology, standards and software to achieve the expected success but it’s an excellent field to be playing in today as it likely represents one of the best opportunities in tech in the years ahead.