The Digitalization Of Art Is Coming

One of the market which has for the moment been relatively protected from technological disruption is the art world. In what is still today a very exclusive world, most sales are done by the leading auction houses or between wealthy individuals through dealers.

Recently, some startups have started to look into ways of entering in this market an see how modern tools could potentially change some aspects of the trade. We have seen for example several companies trying to create crowdfunding platforms for arts where individuals can gather their resources to buy a Picasso together or find new ways to give access to the premium art market. Still, these efforts for the moment have been relatively minor and we have yet to see a real revolution o that side.

On the other hand, a company called Meural has created a very interesting approach to how the art world could be disrupted. By developing and offering a modern digital frame for less than $500, Meural offers its users a way to consume arts in the digital age. You simply buy one of their digital frames and you can then enjoy a large selection of fine arts that you can change as many times as you want at home. To take it one step further, Meural is also creating a subscription model to give access to people to large libraries of paintings and other art forms which are found in the best known museums of this world.

We believe that this can truly be a game changer. Not so much about the display that you add in your living room but about the idea that art consumption will become increasingly digital. It could look similar to what Spotify has done for music. Artists would make money when people consume their art or have a better chance to get known and sell their work through these digital displays. Consumers would pay a small fee to get constant access to great paintings at home or in the office. This vision would help democratize this market and give more access to everyone to art.