The Importance Of Proper Communication

It is sometimes puzzling how people in an organization can hear the same ideas and concepts and have a completely different take on a matter. We tend to believe that what we communicate is clearly understood by other parties when most often than not, people hear what you say with different nuances.

Being able to communicate clearly and making sure that everybody is on the same page is absolutely essential for an organization. Written communication can help a lot as it often clarifies the intent or the substance of a discussion. When written communication is not possible or not appropriate it is important to ensure that the communication was clear and to the point. By probing or asking specific questions to the other party, you can make sure that your message was delivered as it was initially intended.

When managing a team, communication is also vital. People should understand where they stand at all time and should avoid being surprised. By providing regular feedback and having extensive reviews with your collaborators, you can avoid the pitfalls of miscommunication. This will also help the work environment be more transparent, more productive and more serene. This is important for the happiness and motivation of the entire team.

Understanding that people will interpret things in different ways is a key starting point. We all have a different approach and it is good to try to understand who you are talking to in order to find the best way to share specific information. Some people are very visual while other listen better when communicating verbally. Different styles call for different approaches.

For the one who is communicating, it is also key to understand what makes you more at ease and what is the best way and the best moment for you to share something. Some people have a hard time communication in public and prefer to talk one-on-one. Define what is the more effective way and try to stick to it as much as it is possible at work. It will make a better use of your time and will ensure your ideas are transmitted properly.