Adapting Your Initial Vision

When we get first started with a new project, we should have quite a good idea of what we want to achieve and what we are trying to build. The more laser-focus we can be, the faster and the better we will manage the first key steps of the creation of a company.

Still, having a vision and a strong commitment to it doesn’t mean it won’t change. In reality, most of the startups that start with a specific vision will need to evolve and change it along the way. As you go on, you learn new information, get a better understanding of the market and this forces you to adapt yourself and change.

This also means that sometimes not everything is clear at the start. You can have a good idea of what you want to do but there are still many pieces which aren’t clear. And this is OK. Sometimes, we can’t have all the answers from the start. We need to wait to proceed and be in the action to then make some important choices. Sometimes, you simply don’t have all your ideas clear at a point of time. Instead of waiting and trying to gather all the data, it is better sometimes just to get started, try many ideas and see what will stick.

Most often than not, we get surprised by what elements in the equation will turn out to be a good business. Companies like PayPal and so many others got started with a different play in mind before gently refining their concept to what they are today. 23andme for example is now opening their own drug creation center when initially it was focus 100% on direct-to-consumers sale. It’s important to know how to remain agile all along the way and be open to new ideas and different strategic decisions. It’s a key ingredient to success.