Google To Offer More Transparency About Its Different Initiatives

Google which has been reorganized under the company name Alphabet will today offer for the first time a more detailed information about how its different businesses are doing. As the company reports its quarterly results, analysts are looking to better understand how much YouTube, Android and other of its previous bets are contributing to the overall top and bottom line.

What is interesting is that not only more information will provide a better picture on how Google (Alphabet) makes money but it will also offer an indication of several trends in the technology sectors. By understanding how Google continues to grow and where this growth is coming from, entrepreneurs and investors alike can better their view on what is happening in tech.

Google which could overcome Apple as the most valued company in the world has been for a long time one of the big powerhouses of the Internet. We all know that search and ads is its main cash flow generating business but we should learn today how YouTube and other bets are paying off. We might also learn something around the self-driving car efforts as well as the rollout of Google Fiber which offers download speed to up to 1Gb/s and will allow the development of much heavier applications.

We might also hear about the latest efforts on Google Glass as it seems the company is now focusing its offer for the version 2.0 more on the business side rather than for consumers.  We might also see if Google confirms investment in Virtual Reality as it appears that the company wants to develop a new real hardware for this market as the Google Cardboard seems limited in terms of functionalities compared to what is being done by the competition. We will also see how Google is doing versus Facebook which has delivered stellar results last week and how the two might increasingly compete in the years ahead.