Managed by Q

Managed by Q is the leading company in the U.S. which offers a new way to easily order anything you need to run your office. The goal of the company is to simplify managing and scheduling all the tasks that are usually required to have a properly functioning office. Think about cleaners, assistants, handymen and any other supplies you need to regularly get to be able to work. Managed by Q simplify these processes by managing all those external contractors for you. Using Managed by Q, you can forget about all the details of running an office which are not determinant for your day-to-day business and operations.

Another interesting specificity of the company is that most of these external suppliers are working as employees for the company  and receive health insurance and some other benefits that employees can expect. This is one of the first companies in the “on-demand” market which decided to take this route to reduce churn and better train and retain employees.

Managed by Q just raised $25 Million from new investors such as GV (formerly Google Ventures) and Bayrock got a small allocation through a syndicate in that deal.

Next time you start thinking about buying any supplies for your office, simply turn to Managed by Q and let them manage all these tasks for you!