Dil Mil – South Asian Matchmaking

Dil Mil

We are all aware than one of the largest and the relatively untapped market for technology in the coming years will be South Asia and most particularly India. With more than a billion people, strong growth rates and the rapid adoption of the latest technologies by the population, the opportunity for digital companies seems endless.

One of the companies which is already making a dent in this market is Dil Mil, a matchmaking app and relationship service. Dil Mil differentiates itself from the “Match.com” of this world by being laser focused on South Asia only and its population.

Cultural differences and the way to approach these markets can be very different from the United States or Europe. The team behind Dil Mil is building a service which is tailored made for the local population.

The team just closed a round of $2.7M in its pre-series A round with a small participation of Bayrock in a funding syndicate.