Get Paid For Your Help Over The Phone

Instantgo is a new platform that let people search and find people that can provide them with their expertise and get compensated for it. The idea is really for people to make the best of their time when talking over the phone and get paid for the time they spend helping others. Much like lawyers which we pay by the minute, the team at Instantgo believes that many other categories of people should get rewarded when spending time providing a specific kind of expertise.

Anyone can join Instantgo and decide how much their time is worth per minute. Users who reach these experts can see their availability, their rate and decide to call them directly on the platform. All payments are managed within the system so you don’t need to ask to be paid for the help you give.

On the other side, this also provide unique access to people which where not reachable before as they can now get compensated for the time they spend on the phone.

The Instantgo app can be downloaded here.