Iconomi – Open Fund Management Platform For Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins have taken the world by storm and created many discussions in the past few years, mostly in the financial community. Today, an increasing number of people and merchants are using and accepting bitcoins for everyday transactions.

One of the technology that makes bitcoins possible is called the blockchain. A blockchain is a distributed database that keeps records secure. It can be compared to a public ledger where everyone can see and know the transactions that have happen, avoiding tampering and revision of data.

Now, a new decentralized platform built on a blockchain is gaining strong traction with developers. The Ethereum Project helps developers create new kind of applications using the power of the blockchain. he main currency used in that new platform is called Ether. It’s the crypto-fuel for the Ethereum network.

Now comes Iconomi. Iconomi first offers a trading platform to buy and sell Ether. But the Iconomi’s project doesn’t stop here. The company plans to create a platform that helps traders manage funds for cryptocurrencies. It’s the backend for financial investors in this new asset class. Iconomi also plans to create specific traded funds and even list ETF index on the major exchanges. An exciting time for a major shift in the world of finance.