Fitspot – Get A Personal Trainer At Home

It’s sometimes hard to find the the time or motivation to go to the gym and exercise. It’s often much more convenient to be able to exercise wherever you are.

Fitspot offers an app that lets you request a personal trainer to come at home or to the office and train you for a flat fee. The company has developed an on-demand platform connecting trainers to people looking to exercise. By removing the need for a membership to train at a club, the company can offer consumers a better deal to exercise and for trainer a higher revenue share per session.

Intro video:

The company offers different types of trainings such as crossfit, boxing or yoga. The app is currently live in Los Angeles.

The convenience of having service providers come directly to you is part of a growing trend of on-demand & on location services. Consumers are increasingly shifting the way they are consuming services towards more personalized and convenient experiences.