Based in Los Angeles, Bayrock leverages its financial and operational experience with diversified execution capabilities in order to start, finance or help innovative companies and projects.

Bayrock advises individuals and invests in private companies in a wide range of industries such as consumer goods, entertainment, hardware, software and technology in general.

Through an integrated approach and by leveraging our own internal development capabilities, we work closely with entrepreneurs and companies to deliver effective solutions and help the development of useful ideas.



We strive to only finance and work on what we believe to be interesting and useful projects. We thoroughly qualify and validate new concepts before spending too much time and energy. We like to take risk. We can invest small amounts in young companies to larger contributions in more established ones. We like to help entrepreneurs think about their business and innovate. We like to challenge the status quo if needed. We are pragmatic but we believe in bold and large scale endeavors.

We have a deep entrepreneurship mindset, a focus on operational excellence, a global network of strong business relationships and a reputation for integrity and fair dealing. We also have a strong sense of privacy and like to work with people we trust.



We believe that success is fueled by the unique culture of our firm and what we stand for. Integrity and respect are the foundation of the company. We treat employees, entrepreneurs and partners fairly and honestly. Personal differences and diversity are key ingredients to our success.

We execute projects and ideas with the highest standards and are ready to share our shortcomings and successes with the people we work with. We are on the constant outlook for improvements and are ready to change course when necessary. We are agile, nimble and always looking for better ways. We work on important ideas with the right set of values and teams. We nurture talents and provide a safe environment for personal growth. We listen and we care.


Leveraging our networks

Bayrock works with different collaborators, entities and resources in the U.S. and Europe on a project basis. Depending on the nature of the relationship and the work that needs to be done, Bayrock creates specific and autonomous teams and companies or advise and invest in existing structures. We strive to get the necessary expertise in-house before tackling or committing to specific projects.

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Nathanael Eisenberg

Nathanael Eisenberg is the founder and President of Bayrock, the current CEO of Instantgo, the chairman of CogniFit and an advisor to several other companies. Nathanael started his career in banking at Schroders in Geneva before working as a financial analyst in the Trading Room of the Union Bancaire Privé. He then moved out of the banking industry and worked for the IT Consulting firm Cap Gemini in their Telecommunication group in London. He then transferred to Paris to assist in the management of a Publishing Group before being recruited in the European headquarters of Procter and Gamble in Geneva where he held marketing positions managing a portfolio of brands. Nathanael then went with P&G to Madrid to oversee the launch of a key Home Care initiative in the Iberian market. After this commercial and marketing experience, Nathanael went to Paris and founded with a group of partners Milk Capital, a Venture Capital fund specializing in micro to mid-sized investments in sectors ranging from telecommunication to internet and technology mostly in Europe. Mr. Eisenberg then served as CEO of CogniFit in New York City before being elected Chairman of the company. Nathanael Eisenberg is graduated from HEC Lausanne with a Master in Management and resides in Los Angeles.


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Bayrock Passion For Entrepreneurs


The core of Bayrock’s values is a unique sense of partnership and the distinctive way to share ownership across different companies. Bayrock was founded in order to provide new opportunities to people with great ideas.

Our values are an important part of our work everyday and we pride ourselves to share common beliefs with the people we work with.

Combining years of experience on both side of the table and with access to an effective technical infrastructure, Bayrock comes as an alternative solution for entrepreneurs and businesses alike to start, fund and expand their ideas.