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An Online Sales Record

Alibaba just announced that it sold $14.3 billion in a single day. That number is absolutely staggering and only confirms how fast online sales are replacing traditional sales channels and stores. It is also interesting to note how the gap between successful companies and others keeps growing in today’s global economy. More and more markets are destined […]

War On Oil Price

Saudia Arabia’s decision to further reduce the price it charges for its supply of oil will continue to create pressure on commodities price overall and will continue to rattle the markets in the weeks ahead. We can continue to expect a lot of volatility in the equity market and with the right timing and patience, […]

The Worst Enemy Of The Tablet Market Could Be The Smartphone

We are all aware that the global market for personal computers has been rapidly decreasing over the last few years. In 2013, shipments declined over 10% and another decline is expected in 2014. Many analysts have explained that one of the main reason for this brutal shift is the increasing interest of consumers for tablets […]