Investing in exceptional founders and teams

Bayrock Ventures looks to invest in innovative companies in a large number of Internet and digital markets.

Ideas That Matter

By leveraging years of experience with innovation and the financing of cutting-edge ideas, Bayrock Ventures helps entrepreneurs around the world fulfill their dreams and passions.

Bayrock Ventures also likes to leverage its internal development capabilities to help reduce the risk of a specific investment and help test and qualify new projects. By leveraging its own resources, Bayrock Ventures differentiates itself from the traditional venture investor.

Bayrock Ventures usually likes to play an active role in the development of the startup to ensure flawless execution and timing. Partnering with Bayrock Ventures also offers entrepreneurs years of experience of a team of individuals who have been through the process of creating, launching and managing startups and understand the challenges and pitfalls of launching new projects.

           What’s Yours?

  • We look for bright ideas

    We like to find smart concepts that can scale.

  • We think business

    We like to rapidly understand how an idea could turn into a profitable business.

  • We are opportunistic

    If we believe the plan is a good business, we get in regardless of the stage or industry.





Selected Investments

Bayrock invests directly, through funds, syndicates and with other financial partners.