Bridging the gap between investment and entrepreneurship

Bayrock is a global management, investment and advisory firm with deep roots in venture capital and entrepreneurship

Business advisory for the modern world

Bayrock advises individuals and private companies for a wide range of business needs and strategic decisions.





Developing digital assets and properties





Bayrock Digital develops new concepts and ideas by creating dedicated teams and companies.

Investing in innovative projects and companies

Bayrock Ventures helps entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams and passions by financing new and existing companies.





How We Do Business

Bayrock leverages different organizations to develop, manage and invest in innovative companies and projects.

We are opportunistic by nature. If we see a project or a company that we like, we put in place the time and other resources to help its development and execution.

We like to work with people with trust and who have demonstrated a level of expertise in their field. We are happy to learn and get involved with different industries but only when we feel we can bring something of value.

We try to remain simple and although we can invest in long-term projects and big ideas, we also like to see how a business can evolve and pay for itself in the short-term. We try to have a balanced approached regarding growth and cash flows depending on a particular situation.

Working With Us

  • Entrepreneurs first

    We actively manage companies so we know what it means to be seated on the other side of the table.

  • we’re here to help

    We have seen our share of challenges and we can help you find the light at the end of the tunnel.

  • We don’t lose time

    We are fast, diligent, passionate and will get back to you rapidly.